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The Barcliff Group LLC is a dynamic healthcare consulting organization headquartered in metro-Atlanta with national consulting representation. Established in 2014, The Barcliff Group LLC takes prides in providing a suite of healthcare services: NCQA accreditation & certification consulting; State & Federal healthcare regulatory compliance consulting; corporate training; community education; and corporate dance fitness. We are honored to work with our clients and proud to create a culture of quality excellence.

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  • NCQA Accreditation & Certification Consulting

  • Education & Training

  • Corporate Dance Fitness

  • Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Latest News

The Real Deal! QIPs

Ready to spill the gossip on Quality Improvement Projects (QIP)? Well, grab your popcorn! A QIP is a collaborative effort project within an organization aimed at successfully carrying out quality improvements. QIPs are used to execute a systematic and formal method to analyze organizational performance and achieve performance improvement through measurement. As W. Edwards Deming stated, “In God we trust…and all others must bring data.” If you cannot measure it, then you cannot improve it. So, here’s a quick QIP run-down:   Who? The team members working on the QIP are very important. The Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) suggests that every QIP team include at least one member from the following roles: clinical leadership; technical expertise; day-to-day leadership; and [...]

Quality Culture: The Paradigm Shift

It is without question that challenges with health care cost, accessibility, and affordability as well as the rise in behavioral health issues in the United States has placed health care quality at the top of the national agenda. With the reduction of geographical and technological barriers, U.S. healthcare has now become subject to cross-comparison with international health care delivery systems in Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden. It leaves the lingering question of, “how good is American healthcare?” Health organizations within the U.S. are now forced to adopt quality consciousness as a culture rather than an occurrence. Therein lies the paradigm shift… On a macro level, health care quality is defined as, “the right care; for the right patient; at the right [...]

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