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Quality of Life & Workplace Wellness

The Barcliff Group (TBG) blog covers various topics on healthcare quality; to include how to create a culture of quality within a healthcare organization. Essential to building a quality culture is supporting the quality of life of the individual or employee. For the August 2018 blog, TBG focused on workplace wellness and how this impacts the individual as well as the organization. [...]

Ethics in Healthcare: How It Impacts Quality

A not-for-profit hospital in Nebraska paid its patients $100 to render positive remarks on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey concerning the health care services received during their visit. High consumer ratings on quality of care and patient safety meant the hospital would be eligible to receive increased financing (from the state of Nebraska) for the upcoming year. [...]

The Real Deal! QIPs

Ready to spill the gossip on Quality Improvement Projects (QIP)? Well, grab your popcorn! A QIP is a collaborative effort project within an organization aimed at successfully carrying out quality improvements. QIPs are used to execute a systematic and formal method to analyze organizational performance and achieve performance improvement through measurement. As W. Edwards Deming stated, “In God we trust…and all others [...]

Quality Culture: The Paradigm Shift

It is without question that challenges with health care cost, accessibility, and affordability as well as the rise in behavioral health issues in the United States has placed health care quality at the top of the national agenda. With the reduction of geographical and technological barriers, U.S. healthcare has now become subject to cross-comparison with international health care delivery systems in Canada, [...]